Soweo Launches to Help Companies Leverage Their Unique Culture to Build Brand Equity

Marketing has evolved over the last decade through the massive growth of technology and consumer behaviors.

While technology has made it easier to market your brand, the ease of its use has opened the flood gates for all brands to jump in and get involved. With many companies competing for consumer attention, it’s vital for brands to understand their unique culture and leverage it to build positive brand equity.

Identifying Corporate Culture

The Soweo method of identifying a companies culture has been tested over the last decade in focus groups in an effort to develop the characteristics of a brand and make it relatable to the public. By understanding the brand character outside of its products/services, the company can begin to plan strategically in building it’s brand equity.

Strengthening Internal Culture

The Soweo method of identifying unique characteristics helps employees understand who they are and how they fit into the companies culture. This method is designed to give employees the freedom to live out what makes them unique, but doing so within the character of the companies culture.

Social Branding

To gain the attention of consumers, it’s imperative to create unique and engaging content that can be distributed through multiple platforms. The Soweo method helps deliver a message that is consistent with the culture of the brand but through unique story lines and voices.

Brand Equity

The outcome of our practices are designed to increase the overall health of a company’s culture and brand equity by developing a model that allows it to thrive outwardly, thus impacting areas such as public perception, client engagement, marketing, employee productivity, employee satisfaction, staff retention and sales.